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4500 Lube Sizer

The New 4500 Lube Sizer is our most advanced lube/sizer to date.

Lubricate and size your cast bullets in one easy step. The new 4500 Lube Sizer is the best bullet lubing system available anywhere. Available with or without a lubricator heater. Just add the appropriate H&I Sizing Die and Top Punch for the bullet.

  • Solid one piece bottom casting-use with hard bullet lubricants
  • Heating elements fit are available in both 115 volt and 230 volt.
  • A new longer ball knob handle for more leverage for sizing and lubricating the largest bullets.
  • Complete with Gas check seater and complimentary lube.

Click here for how to install the Gas Check Seater

Without Heater 8 lb
With Heater 8.5 lb
Heating Element Only 11 oz

  Description Part # Price  
  4500 Without Heater 2745880 $242.95 BUY NOW
  4500 With Heater 115V 2745892 $247.50 BUY NOW
  4500 With Heater 230V 2745894 $260.00 BUY NOW
  Heating Element Only 115V 2745896 $49.95 BUY NOW
  Heating Element Only 230V 2745898 $60.00 BUY NOW