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Classic Rifle & Specialty Black Powder Dies

Classic Rifle Calibers at "Non-Custom Prices"

Cowboy shooting and the fine reproduction Sharps and other classic rifles have generated new interest in shooting the "obsolete" rifle calibers. But the custom reloading dies needed for these fine guns have been expensive and hard to find. Lyman's Classic Rifle Die Sets have eliminated all the problems of costly custom dies. Lyman's die sets are available in the popular Sharps calibers listed below. These standard 7/8" x 14 3-die sets will fit all popular reloading presses and include Lyman's popular "M" neck expanding die.

Price - $73.50

  Caliber Part No.  
  40-65 #7460490 BUY NOW
  40-70 Sharps #7460492 BUY NOW
  45-60 #7460508 BUY NOW
  45-75 #7460509 BUY NOW
  45-90 #7460499 BUY NOW
  45-100-2.6 #7460520 BUY NOW
  45-100-27/8 #7460522 BUY NOW
  45-120-31/4 #7460506 BUY NOW
  50-90 #7460501 BUY NOW
  56-50 Spencer #7460497 BUY NOW

  Black Powder Neck Size Dies
Classic rifle shooters rely on Lyman's neck size dies to retain the fireformed case dimensions. By not overworking the brass, these dies produce superior accuracy and extend the life of expensive shells.
These neck size dies are available in the following sizes:
  Caliber Price Part #  
  40 Cal. (40-65, 40-70 Sharps Straight) $36.95 7135055 BUY NOW
  45 Cal. Short (45-70, 45-90, 45-100) $36.95 7135057 BUY NOW
  .45 Cal. Long (45-110, 45-120) $36.95 7135059 BUY NOW

  Black Powder Taper Crimp Dies
BP cartridges require compression for proper ignition. This requires firm neck tension to hold the bullet without damage. The Taper Crimp Dies have a minimum taper that allows the reloader to apply the proper neck tension without damaging the bullet for best accuracy.
  Caliber Price Part #  
  40 Cal. (40-65, 40-70 Sharps Straight) $27.75 7153120 BUY NOW
  45 Cal. Short (45-70, 45-90, 45-100) $27.75 7153124 BUY NOW
  45 Cal. Long (45-110, 45-120) $27.75 7153126 BUY NOW