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Lyman 310 Tool

Truly a century of proven service to the shooter.

When Lyman first brought out the original version of the 310 Tool more than 100 years ago, it was named "The Ideal Tool" and was sold as standard equipment along with the classic Sharps and Winchester rifles of that era. This simple and compact reloading kit can go anywhere. Produce pistol or rifle loads by hand in virtually any situation. Includes: neck resizing and decapping die, primer seating chamber, neck expanding die, bullet seating die and case head adapter. Purchase handles separately. See listing.

  310 tool handles - Large (10 oz.) (#7000058) $77.95 BUY NOW

  RIFLE - Set of 310 tool dies (12 oz) - $85.95
  Cartridge Handle Part #  
  .30-30 Win (.30 WCF) L 7020101 BUY NOW
  38-55 L 7020117 BUY NOW
  ..44/40 S 7020119 BUY NOW
  .45-70 Government L 7020120 BUY NOW

  PISTOL - Set of 310 tool dies (12 oz) - $85.95
  Cartridge Handle Part #  
  .38 Spl./357 Mag. S 7020127 BUY NOW
  .44 Rem. Mag. S 7020130 BUY NOW
  .45 Colt S 7020132 BUY NOW