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Mustang Breakaway™ 209 Magnum

Lyman Perfects the Break Open Muzzleloader: State of the Art Performance Combined with Classic Design

  • Designed for the Serious Black Powder Hunter
    The .50 Caliber precision 26" Barrel with 1/28" twist is ideal for hard hitting conical hunting bullet designs. It will handle virtually any .50 caliber bullets or sabot bullets. Just choose the projectile that you trust.

  • Magnum Firepower
    Designed to handle sure fire 209 Primers & 150 grains of Black Powder or 3
    pellets, the Breakaway Magnum delivers the reach and stopping power that
    today's muzzleloading hunter demands.

  • Fast & Silent
    The proven hammerless design is always ready, just push the silent safety off when your ready to bag that trophy buck.

  • Great Looking
    This may be the best looking modern muzzleloader yet! The classic clean lines of the Breakaway Magnum are really enhanced by the premium grade "Ultra Grain" Wood Finish.

  • On Target in Any Light
    State of the art Fiber Optic Sights, front and rear, let hunters take advantage of every minute in the field. This is especially important in the productive dawn and dusk periods when game can be most active.

  • Soft Shooting
    Naturally, this breakthrough rifle deserves nothing less than the proven Pachmayr "Decelerator" Recoil Pad for recoil control.

  • Ideal for Scope Mounting
    The Breakaway Magnum comes drilled and tapped for Weaver-style bases. In addition, unlike sidelock and other hammer guns, the Breakaway's hammerless design allows low, centered scope mounting for quicker target acquisition.

  • Easy Cleaning Barrel/Breech Design
    The combination of a removable, stainless breech plug & easy barrel take-down make that all important chore of thorough cleaning both fast and easy.

  • Convenient Priming
    The unique "Magnetized" Primer Retention System holds primer in place, yet allows fast, easy removal.

  • True Ambidextrous Design
    The tang mounted "Shotgun-Style" Safety lets any shooter bring the Breakaway Magnum into action quickly and silently
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