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1200 DPS 3 Digital Powder System

The Fastest Powder System Anywhere!

More than twice as fast as the original DPS, this new DPS 3 is the fastest system available anywhere.

Imagine precisely weighing every charge you load nearly as fast as using a measure. With Lyman's new DPS 3, it can be a reality. This is the fastest powder system ever. In addition, the new Auto-Repeat Setting throws a precise charge automatically each time the pan is put in place. The DPS 3 is weighing your next charge while you're seating the bullet on your last charge.

  • Change Powders Faster and Easier.
  • Quick-Drain Powder Reservoir speeds powder changes & clean-up.
  • Auto-Repeat Setting Adds More Speed.
  • Automatically throws the next charge each time the pan is put in place.

WEIGHT: 5 lb

  Price Part #      
  $374.95 7752400 (115V) INSTRUCTIONS FAQ BUY NOW
  $385.00 7752411 (230V) INSTRUCTIONS FAQ BUY NOW