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Series 17A Target Front Sights

The perfect companion to your Lyman receiver sight.

17A Target Sights are machined from a solid piece of steel and are designed to be mounted in 3/8"dovetail slots (except 17AEU which has a .360" metric size dovetail). They are supplied with eight interchangeable inserts (see photo and description) that are locked in place with a threaded cap.

WEIGHT: 1 oz



Sight Heights*

Price Part #  
  17AHB - .404" High $42.95 3171076 BUY NOW
  17AMI - .494" High $42.95 3171078 BUY NOW
  17AUG - .584" High $42.95 3171080 BUY NOW
  17AEU - .464" High (European Dovetail) $42.95 3171074 BUY NOW

*From bottom of dovetail to center of aperture.