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No. 55 Standard Powder Measure

55 Classic Black Powder Measure

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The Favorite of Black Powder Cartridge Shooters

Lyman has redesigned the 55 Powder Measure for both smokeless and black powder. A must for black powder cartridge silhouette and cowboy action shooters. The internal metering bars rotate in a non-sparking brass sleeve. A large non-static aluminum powder reservoir holds a pound of black powder. The unique three-slide adjustment bars are the key to consistent accuracy from small pistol charges to the largest rifle charges with accuracy to a fraction of a grain. Handles up to 200 grains volume of Black Powder or Pyrodex Powder. Mounts on the bench or directly on a press or powder measure stand and includes a 7/8 x 14 adapter. Model without drop tubes also available. Let the 55 Classic Black Powder Measure by Lyman Measure your black powder cartridges with ease.


WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Product number: 55 Classic Powder Measure
7767775 55 Classic Black Powder Measure
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