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9mm 100 Round Ammo Checker Block


E-ZEE Case Gauge - Cowboy

Ammo Checkers - Multiple Blocks

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Lyman’s multi-caliber Ammo Checkers have been extremely pop- ular with reloaders. Now based on demand from our customers, Lyman is adding gauges having 8 chambers with all being of the same caliber. Blocks will be available in 9mm, 45 ACP, and 223 Rem. These gauges allow reloaders to take multiple cartridges right off the press and check them as they go. If they fit, they will chamber in your gun. Like our multi-caliber blocks, they are machined from solid 6061 aluminum and cut with custom tooling to SAAMI minimum chamber tolerances. A must for any semi-auto shooter, these easy to use “GO” gauges ensure the quality and consistency of your reloaded ammo.

Product numbers available: 7833032, 7833033, 7833034