Lyman Trimmer Accessories

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Lyman Trimmer Accessories
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Lyman Trimmer Accessories
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Carbide Cutter Head

An optional carbide cutter fits all Lyman trimmers. Ideal for high-volume reloading press. 

: 2 oz   |   ITEM NUMBER: #7822204   |   PRICE: $50.95


Replacement Cutter Head 2 Pack

Replacement steel cutter heads for Lyman Case Trimmers. Package of 2.

WEIGHT: 5 oz   |   ITEM NUMBER: #7822203   |  PRICE: $20.25


Nine Pilot Multi-Pack

Complete your Lyman case trimmer with the affordable Nine Pilot Multi-Pack by Lyman. Includes nine of the most popular pilots: 22, 24, 27, 28/7mm, 30, 9mm, 35 (38/357), 44 and 45A.

WEIGHT: 10 oz   |   ITEM NUMBER: #7822202   |   PRICE: $20.25


Ream/Clean Accessory Set

The Lyman reamer and cleaner accessory set allows reloaders the ability to use their Lyman trimmer to clean and remove military crimps from primer pockets.  A set of threaded accessories for Lyman trimmers or utility crank. Includes L & S primer pocket reamers and cleaners plus adapters.

WEIGHT: 3 oz   |   ITEM NUMBER: #7777795   |   PRICE: $18.50


Trimmer Pilots

The Trimmer pilots by Lyman will help the reloader prevent deformation and will guide the cutter for precise case trimming.

Select the pilot for your Lyman Trimmer

Pilots available to fit most calibers for use in Lyman trimmers.

WEIGHT: 1 oz   |    PRICE: $5.25


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