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1911 Diamond Pro Grip

Pachmayr G10 Tactical Pistol Grips

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An extremely durable and water resistant semi-auto grip

G-10 material is a fiberglass based epoxy resin laminate. It is an extremely tough and durable material that is impervious to moisture, weather or chemicals, making it a perfect material for handgun grips. The multiple layered construction allows the use of different colors to be added to the semi-auto grips, creating attractive patterns as it is machined. Our Pachmayr G-10 Tactical pistol grips are available in two textures, our coarse Grappler pattern or fine checkered, and two color patterns, green/black and grey/black. Pachmayr G-10 Tactical grips are the toughest, most durable, and best looking semi-auto grips on the market. Available to fit 1911’s, Sig 238’s and 938’s, Ruger Mk III and 22/45’s, Beretta 92’s, Hi Power, and CZ 75’s.


Super tough, durable G-10 material
Impervious to moisture, weather or chemicals
Attractive color patterns
Coarse or checkered textures to suit your shooting or concealment needs

Product numbers available: 61000, 61001, 61010, 61011, 61020, 61021, 61030, 61031, 61040, 61041, 61050, 61051, 61060, 61061, 61070, 61071, 61101, 61121, 61131, 61112, 61113, 61140, 61141, 61150, 61151, 61260, 61261, 61270, 61271, 61075, 61076