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Are you tired of shooting at the same old paper targets at the same shooting range? If so, try out Targ-Dots shooting targets to add a unique element of fun and entertainment. Use can use bright orange peel and stick Targ-Dots to see better and shoot higher scores. Targ-Dots also offers a wide range of shooting targets that are available in a variety of sizes, including benchrest squares, replacement bullseyes, pasters, reloading labels, and Zombie targets. Targ-Dots also offers Target Stands for lots of shooting fun. When it comes to having fun at the shooting range - shop Targ-Dots today for our complete selection of shooting targets with a twist of fun. Order today!


  • TargDots

    Bright, stick-on aiming points, replacement bullseyes and fu...
  • Targets and Target Stands

    Make shooting more fun.
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