Lyman Essential Gunsmithing Kit

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The Essential Gunsmithing Kit combines in one package all the necessary tools needed to complete a successful job.

If you're thinking about working on fire arms, you'll need a basic set of quality "must have" tools for the task. This kit contains carefully selected tools that will cover a broad range of gunsmithing needs.

Essential Gun Maintenance Mat - The cushioned surface protects firearm finishes during disassembly or assembly and provides handy storage compartments for small parts.

Deluxe Hammer & Punch Set - Provides all the correctly sized punches needed for your gunsmith projects as well as the versatille Brass Tapper Hammer.

45 Piece Gunsmith Tool Kit - A good screwdriver set is one of the most used tools on a gunsmith's bench and this set has all of the properly fitting interchangeable bit's you'll need.

Mechanical Trigger Pull Gauge - This accurate yet simple to use gauge will measure trigger pull weights from 0 to 12 pounds. Readings are in 2-ounce increments.

Pick and Brush Set - The variety of picks allows you to get into all of those hard to reach areas, whether it's to scrape away carbon build-up or to move small parts 

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