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Universal Spring Loaded Decapping Die


Lyman Pro Micrometer Seating Dies

Lyman Pro Series Micrometer Taper Crimp Dies

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Weight: .5 lb
Our Micrometer Taper Crimp Die gives you exact the amount of crimp that you want. The Taper Crimp Die has a micrometer adjustable head for precise positioning of the floating crimp sleeve. If you want to change your bullet crimp a few thousandths of an inch, simply turn the mi- crometer head to the required setting. The floating crimp sleeve centers the cartridge and applies a perfect taper crimp. Our Micrometer Taper Crimp Die is also made of corrosion resistant stainless steel which protects it from rust and keeps it looking like new for a lifetime of use.
Product numbers available: 7704554, 7704580, 7704570, 7704590, 7704560, 7704600, 7704610, 7704630, 7704620