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Pachmayr Slide Rack Assist Gray

Lyman® Pistol Starter Set 45/40/44cal

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Lyman’s new Pistol Starter Set gives shooters all of the basic accessories that they need to get started in pistol shooting. The Pistol Starter Set is housed in a durable, tough 600D nylon shooter’s carry bag that is a must for transporting your equipment to and from the range. Shooting bag dimensions are 15.7” X 8.85” X 10.23”. Inside the bag, are all the basics that you need for eye and ear protection. The set contains quality ear protection with 25DB noise reduction, eye protection, and also a QwikDrawTM barrel cleaner for cleaning your pistol afterwards. The QwikDraw is a fast, all-in-one cleaning tool that eliminates the need for traditional cleaning rods and patches. Best of all, the total package offers a great cost savings over purchasing the items individually.
Product number: 7837821
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