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In 1996, the world-renowned Pachmayr brand came on board, bringing leadership in recoil pads and handgun grips. Founded in 1929 by Frank Pachmayr, the company has earned the respect of shooters, law enforcement professionals and gunsmiths alike. The Pachmayr family had generations of custom gunsmithing experience with Frank Pachmayr having learned the trade from his father and grandfather who were trained in the rigorous, old world school of German gunsmithing.

Initially the company marketed a wide variety of outdoor products as well as doing defense work during World War II. As time went on, the Pachmayr gunsmithing tradition inspired the direction of the company. 1949 saw the introduction of the first Pachmayr recoil pad. As the company grew, it expanded its role in the shooting sports by supplying gunsmiths and sportsmen with more styles of recoil pads and superior gunsmithing tools. This close-knit working relationship with both gun makers and stock makers continues today. Pachmayr has designed and produced the most respected recoil pads available used by companies such as Browning, Serbu and MacMillan.

Pachmayr rubber handgun grips, introduced to the market in the early 1960’s, revolutionized the handgun market. Innovative, patented designs and materials have been the foundation of the grip line. One of Frank Pachmayr’s proudest accomplishments was the fact that scores of police officers around the country chose to privately purchase Pachmayr grips for their guns in a time when police departments did not provide guns for their personnel. The grips also found favor with competition handgun shooters including such well-known names as Ray Chapman, Ross Seyfried, Rob Leatham, Jeff Cooper, and Ken Hackathorn. Pachmayr’s custom gun shop, located in Los Angeles, was a popular stop for film companies and celebrity personalities like Steve Miller and Hank Williams, Jr.

Pachmayr custom guns, specifically its flagship the 1911 Combat Special, while achieving great success in the hands of competition shooters, also spawned a look that has been sought after by the public and duplicated by gun manufacturers since its introduction in the 1970s.

In 2014, Pachmayr relocated its manufacturing plant to Prescott Valley, AZ., where they continue to grow and expand by listening to their customers and developing new products to meet their needs. Recoil pads and handgun grips using patented technology form the foundation of a line built on the idea that a product should not only perform well in reducing recoil, but improve your shooting, be easy to install and look good. In the last three years Pachmayr has introduced several new grip lines forwarding these ideas. The Diamond Pro line of revolver grips, the G10 and Renegade lines for handguns and revolvers, and the re-introduction of the classic American Legend Grip line have expanded the company’s reach to cover almost every style of grip for every type of handgun shooter.   

Gunsmiths and hobbyists around the world have benefited from the experience designed into Pachmayr products and still turn to Pachmayr first for the recoil pads, handgun grips, tools and accessories they need.


TacStar joined Lyman in 1997 to improve the company’s offering to the tactical and law enforcement markets. TacStar gained notoriety for its practical and easy mounting tactical shotgun accessories such as the patented SideSaddle™ shot shell carrier which has become a standard among law enforcement agencies. The TacStar line of products has continued to grow and improve to meet the needs of hunters as well as military and law enforcement professionals with products like shotgun front and rear grips, rugged shotgun magazine extensions, weapon light systems, and slings.


Benchrest rifles fire many more rounds and undergo much more frequent cleaning than any other firearm. For maximum accuracy, their bores must be surgically clean; yet, they can literally be "cleaned to death" if the wrong cleaner is used. This is why Charles L. "Butch" Fisher (1947- 2007), one of our country's best and most well-known Bench Rest Shooters, developed Butch's Bore Shine. Butch's products all deliver benchrest levels of cleanliness and protection for any firearm, even black powder models.

Introduced in 1999, "Butch's Bore Shine", took the competitive shooting market by storm, and by 2000, was in such demand that Butch joined forces with Lyman Products to promote and distribute this revolutionary gun-cleaning product to shooters worldwide. Butch’s Bore Shine has become the standard for high quality gun care and maintenance. Its innovative formula cleans more thoroughly than any other solvent on the market. Butch's Cleaning Patches, Gun Oil and Black Powder Bore Cleaner have rounded out the line of premium gun cleaning products and have become popular with shooters looking for the best in firearms care.


The patented line of A-Zoom precision metal snap caps were originally introduced to the market in 2000 and joined the Lyman family in 2002 to meet the growing demand for high quality training rounds for shooters, hunters, law enforcement professionals and the military. A-Zoom snap caps are individually CNC machined to precise cartridge dimensions from solid aluminum, then anodized with a hardcoat finish that provides ultra-smooth functioning and superior longevity. They are ideal for safety training, function testing or safe decocking without damaging the firing pin. A-Zoom Snap Caps can be used as a training tool for loading and unloading drills for marksmen and law enforcement professionals, as well as practice rounds for mis-fires. A-Zoom snap caps are available in over 110 sizes ranging from 17 Rem. to 50 BMG, including rimfire and shotshell training rounds.


Trius Traps had already established an enviable 45 year reputation before it became a Lyman brand in 2003. Known for the innovative designs, quality materials and precise craftsmanship in their affordable clay target throwers, Trius Traps became the standard for casual clay target shooters who expect competition-level performance. The versatile One-Step allows shotgunners to throw their own targets by simply stepping on a foot pedal. Lyman continues Trius’s proud legacy of introducing generations of shooters to the challenge and enjoyment of clay target shooting.

Lyman and our stable of brands continue to place the greatest emphasis on input from our customers and from our own staff of shooters to create and provide innovative products for our sport.

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