The proud tradition and history of Lyman Products began simply in the late 1800’s when William Lyman, an avid outdoorsman and inventor, created a product that resolved problems with gun sights of his day. The commonly used vernier sights were adequate for daytime shooting, but almost useless if lighting was not perfect. Lyman’s No. 1 Tang Sight featured a small disc and a large aperture, a combination that made the thin rim almost invisible and greatly improved the shooter’s vision. His patented design launched the Lyman Gun Sight Company, and today, the Lyman tang and receiver sights still utilize the same principles originated over 137 years ago to enhance both the sight picture and the speed of aiming.

Tang Sight
Lyman Factory Worker
Lyman Gun Sight Factory

Through the years, Lyman has continued to develop innovative products for shooters and reloaders, carrying on the legacy of William Lyman. In 1925, the Lyman family purchased Ideal reloading products, which included the well-known Ideal reloading handbooks. Since then, Lyman handbooks have become known as the “bible” of reloading, and are considered the most trusted source for data. Continuing that proud tradition, Lyman released its 50th Edition Reloading Handbook in 2016, containing new and modern reloading data to service current and future reloaders, and continuing to be the most respected and sought out source of expertise.

Reloading Handbooks
Lyman 50th Anniversary Reloading Handbook
Reloading Handbooks

Lyman has been a leader in developing innovative products for reloaders and shooters. The introduction of a vibratory case polisher called the Lyman Turbo Tumbler in the early 1980s, revolutionized the way reloaders cleaned and prepared fired cases. More recently, Lyman has continued to be at the forefront of advancements in case cleaning, first developing a line of Ultrasonic cleaners and now moving to the very latest technology with a Rotary Tumbler released in 2016.

Lyman Turbo Tumbler
Lyman Ultrasonic Cleaner
Cyclone Turbo Tumbler

Lyman reloading kits, presses and dies have provided generations of reloaders with all the high quality equipment they need to start reloading and to pass down this hobby to the next generation of shooters. Lyman casting furnaces and bullet moulds are a must-have for any serious bullet caster. Products like the patented Digital Trigger Pull Gauge and the extensive line of case prep and gunsmithing tools are staples on every reloader’s bench. At Lyman, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and providing them with the tools they need to make shooting and reloading easier, safer, and more fun.

Lyman Die Sets
Lyman Bullet Moulds
Gunsmithing Tools

In addition to developing new products for the reloader, Lyman has worked to acquire other brands in order to be able to offer high quality products to cover a wider range of a shooter’s needs.

In 1970, Lyman was purchased by the Leisure Group, which owned various other outdoor companies such as High Standard Firearms, Ben Pearson Archery and Sierra Bullets, among others. On the eve of Lyman’s 100th anniversary in 1978, James F. “Mace” Thompson brought the company under private ownership again, ushering in an era of company growth and continued product development.

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