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Lyman 2021 Photo Contest!

The reloading community is really one of the best! The amount of photos we get sent of benches, equipment, load development, and other reloading related content is just awesome.

We thought it would be fun to do a photo contest leading into hunting season because we know this is a very active time for the reloading community.
For this contest there will be 2 prizes. The first prize is a Turbo Sonic 2500 Ultrasonic Cleaner which will be given to a randomly selected entry. The second prize will be a Lyman Pro Series Die Set (9mm) which will be given out to the “best” photo.
To enter, take a picture of anything reloading equipment related and send it to While we love seeing our own products in the pictures it is not required.
Once the entry deadline closes, we will draw the first and then we will go through all of the entries to decide on the winning photo.
All your information will remain anonymous, but we will be posting selected photos on our social media pages.


Contest Rules

* The photo must be your own. Any photos stolen or borrowed will be automatically disqualified.
* The photo must have some form of reloading equipment in it (NOT just components or loaded ammo)
* Photo cannot have anything illegal or explicit in it.
* The photo must be submitted before the “drop dead” time and date.
* You must be 18 years of age to enter a photo. If you are not 18 you must have a legal guardian’s permission to enter.
* This contest is open freely to all US residents. If you are not a US resident please check with us to ensure we are able to ship to your country of origin.