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Lyman Pro Case Flare Dies


Universal Spring Loaded Decapping Die

Stainless Pro Carbide Sizing Dies

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Tungsten carbide sizing dies were pioneered by Lyman, now we have made them even better. Our new Pro Car- bide die bodies are made of stainless steel which is noted for its toughness and anti-corrosion qualities. No more rusted dies! Our sizing dies are equipped with highly polished carbide rings for the ultimate in wear resistance and reduced sizing force. The carbide rings have a gen- erous radius on the mouth to allow cases to easily align on progressive presses. Rifle dies also include our super slick carbide expander buttons to reduce case stretch. In addition, the sizing dies are equipped with a spring-loaded decapping rod system to ensure that the primer is force- fully ejected from the primer pocket every time.
Product numbers available: 7704230, 7704232, 7704234, 7704236, 7704238, 7704240, 7704244, 7704246, 7704242